1.Standard Edition


Under this model we provide full service from product designing to mass production. The customer is only required to provide rough product design and target functionality. Trust us to make your ideas in to reality.
Cutting-edge technology support provided. Lightening fast time to market & Next Gen tech will give you edge over your competitors. Platforms supported:
1. Hardware platform: Qualcomm, TI, & Samsung 
2. Software platform supported: Android 4.0/4.1/4.2 Case Study 1: Tablets for mass production Case
Study 2: 7”Tablet for medical application


Under this model customer provides us with desired functionality requirement of the product and the specifications of the product enclosure.
We design the complete circuitry from Schematic and provide manufacturing of the electronics from protos and mass productionn.
An the same time, we also do the Android porting and provide the relevant drivers. 
Hardware platform Supported: 
a) TI-OMAP 4430/4460/4470 
b) Samsung Exynos 4412/5250/5410 
c) Qualcomm MSM8660
Software platform supported: Android 4.0/4.1/4.2